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What’s the Easiest Way to Age-proof Your Bathroom Space?

Full Bathroom Renovation Sydney

There is nothing better than having a bathroom with ultimate safety! This means that it will be perfect for you to have a safe bath or shower inside, and it is meant to help you be in this phase throughout life. So, if you find this extremely alluring and, thereby, want to bring this change to your bathroom, make sure to hire the best team of professionals offering full bathroom renovation in Sydney for the job and discuss what you want this time’s renovation to be like.

Remember that your bathroom is a wet room that invites slips and falls. So, ensure that whatever you do contributes to the overall improvement of its functionality.

In order to age-proof your bathroom, you need to know exactly what you need to do. Since you want to opt for something that minimises slip hazards and has adequate lighting and comfort, you need to make certain changes that will perfectly compliment it. So, without wasting any more time, go through the following things that you should incorporate into your bathroom renovation project this time:

  • Installing a Shower Bench

If you are planning an age-proof bathroom, you must enable it to have a safe place to sit in the shower. It says that the less time you spend while showering, the more you keep yourself safe from slipping and falling. Consider bringing a tiled or built-in bench to your bathroom or going with a freestanding one. Make sure that you get it installed in a large size to ensure your ultimate comfort while bathing.

  • Installing a Handheld Shower Head

These are considered clever shower heads that come with the feature of height adjustability. This means that when you install a handheld shower head, you gain easy access to your shower bench. This way, you can wash yourself up even while you are seated on the bench. So, if you want to age-proof your bathroom, this can be one of the best changes you can make in order to compliment the entire space, mainly in terms of safety.

  • Installing Double-Duty Grab Bars

Double-duty grab bars can undoubtedly be of great help to you in your bathroom. You can hold them to enter and exit the shower. You should install one on the outside of your shower and one each on the interior walls in order to make accessibility relatively easier. This way, you can easily navigate the entire space in safety. You can also use these grab bars as towel and robe racks.

However, to bring these major changes to your bathroom in order to enhance your safety inside it, you need to invest in the best bathroom renovation service in Sydney. They know how to age-proof a bathroom and will always take your needs and preferences into account when it comes to providing you with the ultimate safety while bathing, showering, or doing something else!

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