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Monthly Archives: March 2024

Is a Linear Drain or a Centre Square Drain Best for Your Shower?

As with any new construction or renovation project, there are key factors to keep in mind. One such crucial factor is selecting the right drain system for your bathroom shower. Homeowners are advised to be mindful of these considerations and seek the assistance of a bathroom renovation company in Sydney to help them find the right drain type to meet their requirements. 

But before you dive into these key pointers, let’s first understand what a linear drain and a square drain are and their features. That should fuel your choice later on: 

What are linear drains? 

It is a long, narrow, rectangularly shaped drain that can be installed in the centre of the shower floor, along the wall, or right at the entrance. Linear drains function by enabling the water to flow into a channel (trough) beneath the shower floor. Pretty straightforward, the water stream flows via a single slope to the drain. These are different from the age-old circular or traditional square point drains due to their sleek and bespoke appearance. 

However, you will find them more in modern bathroom renovations in Sydney as they offer functional benefits to homeowners from improved safety, easy installation, flexibility in design, and accessibility. 

What Are Center Square Drains? 

As the name suggests, these are located in the centre of the shower floor. It can either be circular (conventional) or square-shaped, providing a compound slope to slide water towards the drain. These drains have 3 parts:

  • A base 
  • A threaded barrel, and 
  • A reversible clamp collar 

Square drains can be typically found in three sizes: 4-, 5-, and 6-inch. This type of drain is known for cost-effectiveness and is used mostly in marble or tile showers where shower pan liners are used. 

What Differentiates Linear Drains From Square Drains? 

As far as looks go, a bathroom renovation service in Sydney nowadays demands a high-end, spa-like, luxurious feel. Thus, a linear drain is the one to select, as it imparts a unique look and is an excellent addition to a good first impression. On the other hand, if you are willing to sacrifice modernity, and want to embrace the traditional bathroom shower look, a square drain is the way to go. They also come with attractive cover designs to convey your style statement. 

Coming to the price point, a linear drain will cost you more. Coupled with the pricey installation and expensive labour, it will no doubt burn a hole in your pocket. However, if you can overlook the cost advantages (if your budget permits) of a square drain, a linear drain is the clear winner. However, if you’re looking for a simple bathroom makeover that does the job right, a centre square drain would do

So, have you decided on bathroom remodelling? Bank on the top bathroom renovation company in Sydney for quality and affordable bathroom solutions. 

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How to Renovate an Existing Bathroom?

Do you have an old and dull bathroom that looks outdated? Do you wish to take your bathroom a notch higher and add a few functional features? Well, it’s a great way to not only add value to your home but also enjoy quality alone time after retiring from a tiring day! 

If you’re wondering where to begin your full bathroom renovation in Sydney, let us guide you through:

It is All About Careful Planning 

Thorough planning is essential before beginning the demolition process. Think about the arrangement, style, and usability you want. Do you want a posh walk-in shower, or do you just need additional storage? Look into the newest trends in bathroom design to get ideas, but don’t forget about utility and use. To help you make decisions, create a budget early on and leave room for unforeseen expenses.

Consult a Professional 

Whenever you are going into a project as technical and big as your full bathroom renovation, always hire professionals. When you have little knowledge, professionals are trained and skilled to guide you on all the little things that you don’t understand, such as arranging the plumbing lines, designing spacious cabinets, waterproofing for minimal water damage, and more. Therefore, a company like Future Bathrooms can be your go-to for a flawless bathroom renovation!

Discuss and Finalise A Design 

Designing is crucial, even in bathrooms. Some of the aspects of designing include –

  • Where do the fixtures go 
  • Pick a colour scheme of your choice
  • Paying attention to detail 
  • Mention your space and storage requirements
  • Choose a suitable flooring 
  • Focus on lighting 

Do Not Neglect Waterproofing 

Any bathroom remodelling project must include waterproofing. To avoid water damage, make sure the spaces surrounding the washbasin, bathtub, and shower are well sealed. In damp regions, think about employing backer boards or waterproof membranes. An excellent waterproofing job can shield your investment and preserve the fantastic look of your bathroom for many years to come.

Add a Touch of You 

For impeccable bathroom renovations in Sydney, make sure you add a personal touch. It is just to make the space truly yours. Whether that’s your favourite lighting fixture or even a statement mirror, it should reflect you! 

With these in mind, you can create the stunning bathroom of your dreams. Make sure you’ve found the right remodeler to deliver it! 

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Luxury Bathroom Renovations That Maximise Natural Light

Bathroom renovation is a tricky affair. When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, it is not only about adding a better look, feel, and value to your bathroom but also ensuring its energy efficiency is enhanced. Once that is done, it does influence your power bills in the long run. The most effective way to add energy efficiency to your bathroom is by maximising the natural light in the room. There are several ways to ensure that, when you plan to refurbish your bathroom. The experts offering bathroom renovations in Sydney will use all their expertise and experience to ensure that is done. On this page, let us discuss the steps that these experts take to maximise natural light in the bathroom. 

Allow maximum flow of light indoors: They will suggest avoiding obstructing natural light with furnishings like linen closets or vanity units. Also, they will try to keep furniture as far away from windows that provide important light as you can. You may also arrange extra storage cabinets so they fit neatly under windows. 

They will position the stuff strategically:  In order to use natural light (when available) for makeup and vanities, the bathroom renovation experts might even want to think about where to put them. They might plan to set up the tub next to a window, which will let the user enjoy a lovely view or bathe in the tub while soaking up the sun. Another option is to construct the shower enclosure next to or around a window. If privacy is an issue, installing a half window blind that covers the lower portion of the window, or adding a sheer curtain or blind that lets most of the sunlight through will make the difference. 

Looking past to the opposite side: Creating a glass-only shower or considering adding an all open shower will maximise the amount of light in. This allows the light to get through without being obstructed by a dimly lit shower enclosure. These modern shower designs have a sleeker look that is simpler to maintain—cleanliness also allows for increased light penetration. To let in even more natural light, include glass in additional places, such as glass-front cabinets or storage shelves.

Turn the light back on itself: Installing mirrors will help the room look larger and maximise the amount of available light by reflecting light back into the space. Mirrors are a crucial component of any bathroom design since they are used for grooming procedures like shaving and cosmetics application. Maintaining light, glossy finishes on bathroom hardware, such as polished chrome, is another method that the experts offering Luxury Bathroom Renovation in Sydney will adopt to ensure this result. 

Choosing colours that will brighten: The use of colour palettes, textures, and patterns is essential in determining a room’s overall style. The professionals will suggest choosing a light, bright colour palette if you want to make the most of the natural light and create a bright atmosphere. Light-coloured paint, tile, and cabinet finishes enable light from the outside to refract off all surfaces in the space.

Thus, you see, these are the best ways to add more natural light to your bathroom while renovating it. Future Bathrooms is the name to turn to for bathroom renovations. Call us to book our service now.