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Features That Can Make Your New Luxury Bathroom Renovation Worthwhile

Renovating your bathroom is a great way to enhance your lifestyle. It can undoubtedly add exceptional charm and value to your home. However, if you are planning a luxury renovation, you may have placed a strong emphasis on the potential features of your bathroom. These can include a wide range, but your main focus should only be on the ones that can perfectly address your needs.

A luxury bathroom renovation in Sydney is more than just adding luxury items to your bathroom. It should be something that brings your vision to life and makes you experience the best sides of bathing, showering, and toileting, among others. But you have to ensure that the right team of professionals does the job on your property and that they primarily take into account your specific needs and preferences.

Below are some important features that you need to consider to make sure that the investment in your new luxury bathroom renovation is worthwhile:

  • Increasing the Space

The space of your bathroom is an aspect that you have little control over. You may think of adding space to your bathroom, but it may make you work on a more expensive remodel. Even creating an illusion of space can cost a lump sum. But you can use some clever design spaces to make it possible. Removing clutter and creating a pared-back space can be a good option for you to add space to that room. Your primary aim should be to create a sense of space and elegance instead of breaking the walls.

  • Adding Light

If there is ample lighting in your bathroom, it can be referred to as a successful renovation. When there is adequate light, the overall functionality of the room gets a boost and, thereby, can positively impact your emotional well-being. A well-lit bathroom with natural light can provide a calming and welcoming appearance and feel and ensure comfort. On the other hand, artificial lighting can give birth to a distinctive ambience and a fine touch of luxury.

  • Smart Technology

With the advent of the world, you have witnessed various improvements in technologies. This change has also been seen in various luxury bathroom renovations. Even homeowners are proactively opting for advanced technology to make their bathrooms more modern than they ever were. From LCD touch panels to smart showers, toilets, and mirrors, there are a lot of features that can add luxe to your bathroom space. You can also use them to enjoy the ease of bathing, showering, toileting, and grooming.

If modern bathroom renovations in Sydney don’t include these features, your bathroom may not get a touch of luxury, and you may end up investing in the wrong place. So, what you should do is sit and discuss with your renovators and check whether everything in their plan includes what you like or prefer for your bathroom. If they are good and reputable, they will not only easily bring your vision to life but also get the work done in an affordable manner!

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Is a Linear Drain or a Centre Square Drain Best for Your Shower?

As with any new construction or renovation project, there are key factors to keep in mind. One such crucial factor is selecting the right drain system for your bathroom shower. Homeowners are advised to be mindful of these considerations and seek the assistance of a bathroom renovation company in Sydney to help them find the right drain type to meet their requirements. 

But before you dive into these key pointers, let’s first understand what a linear drain and a square drain are and their features. That should fuel your choice later on: 

What are linear drains? 

It is a long, narrow, rectangularly shaped drain that can be installed in the centre of the shower floor, along the wall, or right at the entrance. Linear drains function by enabling the water to flow into a channel (trough) beneath the shower floor. Pretty straightforward, the water stream flows via a single slope to the drain. These are different from the age-old circular or traditional square point drains due to their sleek and bespoke appearance. 

However, you will find them more in modern bathroom renovations in Sydney as they offer functional benefits to homeowners from improved safety, easy installation, flexibility in design, and accessibility. 

What Are Center Square Drains? 

As the name suggests, these are located in the centre of the shower floor. It can either be circular (conventional) or square-shaped, providing a compound slope to slide water towards the drain. These drains have 3 parts:

  • A base 
  • A threaded barrel, and 
  • A reversible clamp collar 

Square drains can be typically found in three sizes: 4-, 5-, and 6-inch. This type of drain is known for cost-effectiveness and is used mostly in marble or tile showers where shower pan liners are used. 

What Differentiates Linear Drains From Square Drains? 

As far as looks go, a bathroom renovation service in Sydney nowadays demands a high-end, spa-like, luxurious feel. Thus, a linear drain is the one to select, as it imparts a unique look and is an excellent addition to a good first impression. On the other hand, if you are willing to sacrifice modernity, and want to embrace the traditional bathroom shower look, a square drain is the way to go. They also come with attractive cover designs to convey your style statement. 

Coming to the price point, a linear drain will cost you more. Coupled with the pricey installation and expensive labour, it will no doubt burn a hole in your pocket. However, if you can overlook the cost advantages (if your budget permits) of a square drain, a linear drain is the clear winner. However, if you’re looking for a simple bathroom makeover that does the job right, a centre square drain would do

So, have you decided on bathroom remodelling? Bank on the top bathroom renovation company in Sydney for quality and affordable bathroom solutions. 

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas That Give You a Spa-like Feeling

The sky’s the limit if you are looking forward to renovating your bathroom. It all depends on your budget, functional needs and your aesthetic preferences. Now, if you have plans to get a spa-like feeling in your bathroom, there are certain features that you need to bank on in that case. On this page, we discuss the features you need to have in your bathrooms for that. 

Radiant Floor Heating

Bathrooms are notorious for having chilly floors that really hurt during the winter. To be frank, stepping out of the warm bath or shower only to the icy cold floor can really be a jarring experience. This is where, heated floor in your bathroom will make all the difference. This will not only save you from being a bathmat hopscotch and give you a spa-like experience, but give you a spa-like feeling as leading spas have this feature. Talk to the professionals offering bathroom renovations in Sydney and they will set up the best floor heating mechanism. 

Oversized rain shower head and steam shower 

When the majority of homeowners would toy with the idea of having upgraded tiling or any new, out of the box storage design, you may act differently, by opting for an oversized rain shower or a steam shower. To be frank, when you step in a steam room or get yourself in a steam shower, it will emulate the experience you go through when you visit a full-service spa. 

Having a Luxury Bidet

Having a luxury, heat bidet may be expensive, but once you start using it there will be no looking back. The experts offering bathroom renovation service in Sydney would suggest going for the best ones, as they come with certain value added features like heated water, music for privacy, eco-friendly mechanism, and cosiness. 

Having the electric outlets inside the drawers and cabinets

Tangled electric cords of electric toothbrush, hair straighteners and dryer are an eyesore. They make your bathroom chaotic and messy. Since you are looking forward to having a bathroom that looks as serene as a spa,  having all the electrical outlets built inside the vanity drawers and cabinets will help. It means, you will have these appliances inside the cabinet or the drawer by default. 

Having high quality tiles installed

If you are planning to have a spa-like experience and have that feeling of joy and excitement whenever you walk into the bathroom, the last thing you would like to have are those common and conventional tiles that are mostly used in the bathrooms. The experts offering bathroom renovations in Campbelltown will suggest having those top quality luxurious tiles installed, which will instantly elevate the stature of your bathroom and imbibe that full-service spa like experience. 

Have a glass wall overlooking your backyard

This is another masterstroke that will bring in an entire world of aesthetic difference to your bathroom. It will create that outdoor-meets-indoor experience that will create that much-sought after ambience in your bathroom. 

So these are some of the most important changes you can vouch for, if you want to renovate your bathroom and give it the stature of a full-service spa. If you are in and around Sydney, Future Bathrooms is the best name to turn to, as we are the best in the business.