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What Is the Psychology Behind Bathroom Renovations?

Do you have the habit of renovating your home periodically? You are not the only one. There are others like you who would like to have their bathroom renovated at certain intervals. Now the reason behind bathroom renovations can be many. They can be purely functional, wherein you are looking forward to making your bathroom more functionally feasible. The reasons can be structural, wherein you want to bring in some structural change. The reasons can also be materialistic, wherein some defects in structure may compel you to go for bathroom renovation. Professionals offering bathroom renovations in Sydney will play a major role in revamping your bathroom. 

However, there are purely psychological reasons behind bathroom renovations as well. Let us discuss the same in this article. 

The Nostalgia Connection

A sense of nostalgia plays a major role in a bathroom renovation. When it comes to refurbishing a bathroom, people may at times be driven by nostalgia. Thus, they may be urged by a feature or two, a favorite paint shade or two. The reason behind this is that they may have had those features in the bathroom during their childhood days and would like to have those features back. That is the reason, experts offering modern bathroom renovation in Sydney would always ask for the choices and preferred features of their clients. 

The Happiness Quotient

Having the same old look and feel of the bathroom may bring in a sense of boredom for the members of the household. That is the reason when they have their bathroom revamped it adds to the happiness quotient of their life. In other words, special features that turn out to be the focal point of a bathroom will go a long way to make them feel happy and satisfied. Therefore, people will also opt for renovation to add a significant element of happiness to their life. 

Zeal to Enjoy Betterment

There is an old belief that new is always better. Out of the desire to have better appliances, products, and fit-outs, people at times discard the old stuff and get their newest counterparts. While true, they justify the decision of having them by serving people in a better way. Thus, the zeal or the willingness to have better features may instigate people to opt for full bathroom renovation in Sydney

The desire to be amongst the rich and the famous

There are some who would opt to have a luxurious bathroom at their home. They will have the best and the most expensive features, the most jaw-dropping get up and the most fascinating appliances in their luxurious bathroom. One reason is that these people can afford to have them. Besides, the secondary reason is that these people would want to have a bathroom that will get on par with the rich and the famous. 

So these are the common psychological reasons for opting for bathroom renovations. That is why our experts at Future Bathrooms would consider all these factors before serving our clients. Call us at 1300 861 419 to book our service as we will fulfill all your aspirations. 

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas that Will Change the Character of the Space

There are a number of bathroom renovation ideas that you are welcome to try. Now, some of them are holistic and some are minimalist. You categorise them on the basis of the extent of changes they bring into the aesthetics of your bathroom. 

However, when there are certain ideas or concepts chalked out by quality bathroom renovation companies, which are neither holistic nor minimalist. Yet, they come up with some kind of change that alters the very character of your bathroom once and for all. Here on this page, let us discuss a few of them on this page. 

Installing a freestanding Bath

This can be a remarkable addition to your bathroom. A freestanding bath, with all its grandeur, compactness and demeanour will always take the look and feel of your bathroom to a new height altogether. The structural beauty these bathtubs come, along with the compactness will add an altogether new look and feel to your bathroom. 

You may either have a bathtub with a stark contrast or one with a colour that supports the colour scheme of your bathroom. No matter which way you go, a freestanding bathtub will add a new character to your bathroom. All you need to do is to hire a reputable company that is into custom bathroom renovations in Sydney

Opting for an Undermount Sink

Undermount sinks are exceptional apparels for bathrooms. They are known for their sleek and chic form and the unique undermounting concept. As they are installed beneath the countertop they show a visual uniqueness that you cannot ignore. Firstly, they will open up a wide area creating an illusion of openness in case the bathroom is smallish. 

Secondly, the undermount can be a stark contrast in respect to the thematic colour of the rest of the bathroom, thus turning out to be a focal point. When you consult with a reputable bathroom renovation company in Sydney they will come up with a unique concept of undermount sink that will change the very character of your bathroom. 

Adding a Shower Cubicle

This is another ripper of a concept that will go miles to add an altogether new character to your bathroom. When you have one at one cosy corner of your bathroom it will add an element that will make your bathroom a more ‘happening’ theme. 

With this, the very character of your bathroom will take a sea change. Now the elements you add, like the floor tiles, the hand shower, the type of design of the glass will act like the layers over that character. Talk to the experts who come up with bathroom renovations in Ryde to get the details. 

The Lights – They have the last laugh 

The lights will play a pivotal role to change the very look and feel, and the character of your bathroom. Talk to the specialists of bathroom renovations in Castle Hill who will guide you with the best lights depending on the dimension of your bathroom. 

For further details, call Future Bathrooms at 1300 861 419 as we are the best. We will be able to help you with more such suggestions to change the character of your bathroom.

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How To Renovate Your Bathroom Without Spending Excessively? 

You can save a lot on a bathroom renovation or remodelling by following the right steps. But lacking the same can lead to the opposite. Now, if you are looking to save money on the renovation process, this is the post that you will need to follow. 

We will discuss the steps that you will need to follow to make the renovation process a success without breaking the bank.

  • Research Designs that Can be Costly

Since saving costs is the aim here, you will need to look for renovation designs that you want to avoid. Why? Because establishing them can be costly. However, if you really want to save money, you will need to inform your bathroom contractors in Sydney so that they can recommend designs that are affordable but will still make the area look astounding.

  • Including Affordable Accessories

In the bathroom renovation process, accessories will be added. But you will need to include only those that are affordable if you want to save costs. Now, there are several options that you can consider here since you can easily buy accessories that are available at a reasonable price. If you cannot choose the accessories, your builders can help you with the same.

  • Establishing a Functional Bathroom by Including Minimal Storage Spaces

Who said that you will need to include lots of storage units to make your bathroom functional? For an affordable custom bathroom remodelling in Sydney that is cost-saving, you will need to do the opposite. Add only the storage spaces that you need. That way, you can also make your bathroom look spacious. 

  • Get an Estimate for the Bathroom Renovation and Compare the Costs

If you want to take a step that will help you keep within the budget, get the costs of bathroom renovation services in Sydney from the companies that are offering the same and then compare them. But you should not be dependent only on the costs. You should consider the service quality too since you will never want an imperfect renovation for lower costs. 

  • Stick to Simplistic Renovation Designs

If you want to save costs, you should stick to simple renovation designs. You can choose these designs or you can ask the renovators to choose them for you. However, for the latter, you should still ask the renovators about the associated costs such as building materials, cost of accessories, etc. This will help you get an idea of the total costs that you should incur.

  • Keep A Track Of The Costs

While the bathroom renovations in Ryde or any other Sydney suburb ar being carried out, you should keep track of the costs. Otherwise, you can easily exceed the same.

While the renovation work is being carried out, ask the renovators about the total spending. This will help you take the right steps if and when needed.

Hire our Bathronators Today

At Future Bathrooms, we have the best renovators with us who will give a makeover to your existing bathroom. To hire them, call us at 1300 861 419 or send us an email at if you have queries.

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Accessories That Will Make Your Renovated Bathroom Exquisite

There are countless ways to make a renovated bathroom appear truly beautiful. But discussing all of them is not possible in just a single write-up. So, today we will be discussing particularly the accessories that will make your renovated bathroom aesthetically pleasing. However, before you purchase any of these accessories, you should discuss the same with the renovators in Sydney, Blacktown, Campbelltown or the suburb where you are situated.

Let us now delve into the accessories that can make your renovated bathroom more enticing.

  • Mirrors

If you are investing in full bathroom renovations in Sydney, there’s nothing like mirrors that can add grandeur. Indeed, classy mirrors make renovated bathrooms look awe-inspiring. Furthermore, they reflect lights that keep bathrooms illuminated all day. So, you can consider the addition of mirrors as a final touch to your renovated bathroom.

  • Basin

You can either add a coloured basin or a steel one depending on the theme of your bathroom. 

Generally, metallic finishes look best for bathrooms with dark or flat themes. But if wallpaper or paint of any colour apart from white or grey is added to the wall by the bathroom renovators in Sydney also serving in the other suburbs, you can invest in coloured basins that match the wall colour.

  • Chrome Handrails

This one is optional but including these can make your renovated bathroom functional as well as appealing.

If you have someone in your home who has physical impairments, including handrails will make it convenient for him or her to move in the bathroom. Generally, these handrails are made of steel. But you can get the same with a chrome finish as well. For the installation of the same, you will need to call in local bathroom contractors in Sydney, also serving in the other suburbs.

  • Storage Spaces

At present, you can get various stylish storage spaces for renovated bathrooms. So, if you would like to keep your belongings safely, you can choose furniture that looks appealing. However, if you cannot choose the right ones for the renovated space, you can ask the renovators for directions since these items are available in different shapes and sizes.

  • Stylish Showers

To make the bathroom renovations in Blacktown or any other Sydney suburb appear catchy, you can include stylish showers. As usual, these showers are available in various shapes and each of them has various aspects that can make the renovated space look exquisite. But if you cannot figure out the shower that will suit the bathroom and is easy on your pockets, you should ask the renovators.

  • Towel Rails

To add functionality to your bathroom besides the appeal, adding towel rails is a must. 

In this domain, you can add normal steel rails on the renovated bathroom or coloured ones depending on the theme. To pick the right one for the bathroom renovations in Campbelltown or any other Sydney suburb, you can talk to the renovators.

Let us Resolve Your Queries

Do you have questions about the bathroom renovation services that we at Future Bathrooms offer? Call us at 1300 861 419 now or send us an email at so that we can get back to you with the answers. 

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Features Of a Quality Bathroom Renovation You Can Expect As a Client

As a client, when you are investing in bathroom renovations, you will naturally be expecting the best results. But to get the right outcome, you will need to hire the best renovators and choose the right design in Sydney. In fact, there are other factors involved as well which we will discuss in another post. 

Today, we will discuss the aspects of a quality bathroom renovation. We will particularly focus on how it differs from a bathroom that is not perfectly renovated.

  • High-End Tiles

In most high-quality bathroom renovations in Sydney and its suburbs, you will get to see the premium wall and floor tiles. Quite naturally, when these are included, you can rest assured that the bathroom will look elegant. Besides, when you have quality tiles installed, you need not invest a lot in their maintenance. On the other hand, a bathroom that is not renovated with perfection might not have quality tiles and thus, the maintenance of these bathrooms is quite costly.

  • High-Quality Paint 

The second aspect that you can notice in a full bathroom renovation in Sydney and its suburbs is the paint that has been applied to the walls.

In a quality renovation, the renovators will apply premium paints that will last for years. That way, you will not have to repaint your bathroom walls for a long time. At the same time, quality paint will help retain the classy look of the bathroom for years.

  • Elegant Accessories

When you have the best bathroom contractors in Sydney by your side, you can expect to experience features that can only be found in bathrooms that have undergone quality renovations.

Generally, the contractors will include the best accessories that will add grandeur to your bathroom. On the contrary, a bathroom that is renovated by mediocre contractors will be devoid of this feature. These bathrooms will not have appealing accessories or any other decorative pieces.

  • Classy Storage Spaces

Another interesting feature that you can find in quality bathroom renovations in Blacktown and the other Sydney suburbs is stylish storage spaces.

You can add these bespoke pieces of furniture or ask the renovators to choose the best ones for your bathroom. On the other hand, bathrooms that have not been renovated with perfection will be devoid of these storage spaces.

  • Lighting

In any premium bathroom renovation in Campbelltown and those done in other Sydney suburbs, you will get to see beautiful lights installed. These lights give a different look and feel to the renovated space. This is thus a unique feature. But in a bathroom that has not been renovated by the experts, these lights will be missing.

  • A Grand Bathtub

Lastly, in a perfectly renovated bathroom, you will get to see a luxurious bathtub that a general bathroom will not have.

So, now that you know about the features, make sure that your renovators add the same if you are planning to invest in a bathroom renovation.

We Will Give Your Bathroom an Outstanding Look

At Future Bathrooms, we beautify your bathroom with top-notch renovation work taking into account your needs. So, to discuss the renovation project with us, call us at 1300 861 419. If you would like a free quote for the same, fill out the online form and click the ‘Post Comment’ button.